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Devlog: how Chrono Trigger shaped my destiny

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The following blog post carries the personal thoughts of Elder Prince, founder of Blossomsoft Games.

On this day, August 11, twenty-eight years ago, Chrono Trigger was unleashed upon the gaming world, etching its name as an essential relic in the chronicles of gaming history, particularly for those of us who fondly classify ourselves as old-school gamers aged thirty and above.

What makes this occasion even more nostalgic is the timing of its release, which occurred at the cusp of summer’s end. I vividly recall that day when I acquired the brand-new game; in my corner of the world, the sky was adorned with clouds that seemed straight out of fantasy, reminiscent of the iconic bridge scene from Chrono Trigger. Amidst those clouds, the sun valiantly attempted to break through, casting a poignant light. The brisk and invigorating breeze seemed to presage the imminent arrival of autumn. In my teenage days, this event resonated deeply, serving as the pivotal force behind my journey towards becoming a game developer.

Chrono Trigger (SNES)

Autumn has always hit me hard, you know? It’s not just the leaves changing; it’s the strong memories coming back. It’s a season that intertwines with gaming history itself, as evidenced by the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) making its debut towards the close of August—alongside the TurboGrafx-16, another console radiating a similar positive aura.

Throughout the years, these unforgettable games have remained constant companions during the colder months, spanning from September to March. The likes of Super Mario World, ActRaiser, Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse, Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, Super Castlevania IV, Secret of Mana, and Final Fantasy IV have left an indelible mark on my gaming soul. The emotions they stir within me are challenging to put into words, yet their spirit is undeniable. The enchanting chiptune soundtracks of those games, continue to resonate in my mind, crafting an autumnal 16-bit symphony within my heart.

Final Fantasy 7, released on the Playstation, even made its entrance during the autumn season, casting a delightfully eerie spell on me. The essence of the game resonates so distinctly with the soul of autumn. It’s like a snapshot in my mind—the curtains bathed in a weak golden glow of the September sunlight while I delved into the game. Castlevania Symphony of the Night is another powerful autumn release.

Final Fantasy 7 (PSX)

This very sentiment is why I’m all in for making the upcoming months count for my game development journey. With the backdrop of meticulously curated 16-bit playlists, I intend to plunge wholeheartedly into the creative process. This year, thanks to the unwavering financial support of an online friend, promises to be without pause, enabling me to make the most of every opportunity. As luck would have it, the weather has already begun to evoke the essence of autumn here, aligning seamlessly with my aspirations.

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One response to “Devlog: how Chrono Trigger shaped my destiny”

  1. Gryewolf Avatar

    I finished Chrono Trigger last week having never played if before. It’s fair to say it completely holds up today, I understand the praise it gets and it deserves all of it. Fun fact, I changed Robo’s name to Promo as an idea of Prometheus and when I found out that was his real name I was so awe struck!

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