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Devlog: birthday reflections

The following blog post carries the personal thoughts of Elder Prince, founder of Blossomsoft Games.

Today’s the day. I had to whip out a calculator because I’ve kind of lost count of my age; I only have a rough idea. I was so convinced I was hitting the big 48, but turns out, I’m still chillin’ at 46. Guess I’m starting to live up to my ‘Elder’ nickname! 😄

Nothing particularly special going on for me today. I’ve got a round of DoorDash and Uber Eats deliveries lined up, and then it’s back to the grind on my game project.

Hey, if you’re looking to give me a birthday present and also snag something cool for yourself, here’s a win-win. Consider grabbing the Master Bundle for the upcoming Mandela Edition (visit the store), set to drop in December. It’s packed with tons of fresh goodies and exciting revelations, and it’s a fantastic way to support the project too. 🎈🎁🎮

I’ve got something pretty awesome to share in the coming days, making the Mandela Edition extra special. Stay tuned!


4 responses to “Devlog: birthday reflections”

  1. mandrivnyk Avatar

    Belated happy birthday, Elder!!! :)

    1. Elder Avatar

      Thanks for the birthday words :D

  2. Nom Avatar

    Happy birthday , hope you had a great day❤️

    1. Elder Avatar

      It played out like any other regular day. I didn’t bother setting a birthday reminder on Facebook, so the virtual wishes were nowhere to be found. My sister didn’t remember but we sort of lost contact. That got me thinking—social media doesn’t really draw us closer; if anything, it’s making us more indifferent to each other. And I’m in the same boat as everyone else on this. But hey, didn’t faze me. Birthdays? They’re just a typical day for me.

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