Eternal Eden Series

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A Blood Cursed World…

Working with the Nintendo 8-Bit Limitations in Mind.

The project at hand involves the development of an 8-bit themed video game. Particular attention is being given to adhering to the hardware limitations of the Nintendo System, particularly if there is a demand from collectors for a Kickstarter campaign aimed at distributing the game on physical cartridges.

In essence, the game must conform to the constraints of using only a small tileset measuring 128×128 pixels per map.

Furthermore, each tile must incorporate a maximum of 3 colors, including a universal color typically black. Adding to the complexity, only four palettes of four colors each are available for each map, resulting in a total of 13 colors per scene (excluding the black color within each palette).

As a child, it was a longstanding aspiration of mine to create an authentic Nintendo game, thus I am elated to undertake the production of this game.

-Elder Prince

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