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  • Are LGBT people saved?

    Are LGBT people saved?

    The idea that one must modify their nature to obtain and maintain salvation is a falsehood from the devil. God made salvation simple and easy.

  • Devlog: how I use DoorDash to fuel my creativity, writing on the Go

    Devlog: how I use DoorDash to fuel my creativity, writing on the Go

    I’ve found another alternative to better use my full-time DoorDash job to my advantage.

  • Devlog: Some difficulties to overcome

    Devlog: Some difficulties to overcome

    Regardless of my current situation, I am determined to maintain a strong presence on my game dev blog this year. I will do my best to keep the website updated and active.

  • Gaia Temple & Dead Gaia: Done!

    Gaia Temple & Dead Gaia: Done!

    Most dungeons now feature three times as many rooms, giving you more opportunities to discover exciting treasures.

  • Devlog: experimenting with openAI ChatGPT for game development

    Devlog: experimenting with openAI ChatGPT for game development

    Can an AI assistant be helpful in game development?

  • Jericcho Tomb: Done!

    Jericcho Tomb: Done!

    You’ll also have the opportunity to collect a new exploration-driven ability that wasn’t featured in the 2008 version.

  • Downey’s Bonus Dungeon & fans participation

    Downey’s Bonus Dungeon & fans participation

    Downey needs your prayers more than ever!

  • What is this Mandela Edition all about?

    What is this Mandela Edition all about?

    After reading this post, you will have a better understanding of what this Mandela Edition is all about.

  • Mt. Zachariah: Done!

    Mt. Zachariah: Done!

    In this post, we discuss another dungeon being finished: Mt. Zachariah.

  • ETA, Progress Bars

    ETA, Progress Bars

    In this post, which will be updated regularly, you can watch the current ETA of the game.

  • What will you be, Mr. 2023?

    What will you be, Mr. 2023?

    We never know what obstacles life is going to throw at us, so I can’t guarantee any achievements in these times of incertitude and disruption. Let’s pray 2023 will be a wonderful year for everyone.

  • Boss Artwork

    Boss Artwork

  • Some Foes you’ll Fight

    Some Foes you’ll Fight

    Some battle sprites that will be used in the turn-based battles.

  • 2008 Version V.S Reboot

    2008 Version V.S Reboot

    Feel free to move the node to compare both the 2008 version and the Reboot version.

  • Teaser Screenshots

    Teaser Screenshots

  • EE9, An amalgam of many unsettled past projects

    EE9, An amalgam of many unsettled past projects

    Eternal Eden 9 is meant to have a vibe of the generation of the 32-Bit era, such as the Dreamcast, the first Playstation and also the Nintendo DS.

  • Cave themed screenshots

    Cave themed screenshots

    It’s the cave theme of the 8-bit Nintendo-like jRPG.

  • A Blood Cursed World…

    A Blood Cursed World…

    A 8-Bit themed game production. This game will take place in a darker world.

  • Eternal Eden 2 Teaser Title Screen

    Eternal Eden 2 Teaser Title Screen

    This post shows the 8-bit title screen of Eternal Eden 2.

  • Fantasian and Eternal Eden: Uncannily Similar Random Encounter Concept

    Fantasian and Eternal Eden: Uncannily Similar Random Encounter Concept

    Was my concept stolen by another established game producer?

  • Eternal Eden V — Dream Themed Game Concept

    Eternal Eden V — Dream Themed Game Concept

    EE5 uses a dream themed concept. I’m borrowing ideas from another project I had briefly been working on around 2010 I called Dream Venturos.



    The release order of these games has zero importance whatsoever. Eternal Eden 5 can be released before Eternal Eden 2. Et cetera.

  • A Bunch of Pre-Announcement Teasers

    A Bunch of Pre-Announcement Teasers

    The official title logo of Eternal Eden 5.

  • My new take on the Random Encounter concept

    My new take on the Random Encounter concept

    As a game developer, I’m interested in evolution, or at the very least explore old ideas differently.

  • First revelation: Super Random Encounter System

    First revelation: Super Random Encounter System

    Here are more facts. I HATE random encounters. I LOVE random encounters.

  • Disclaimer: before we begin.

    I have had a lot of crazy life-threatening challenges in recent years that continues to remind me one very important fact we all tend to forget in our busy lives: we’re living on borrowed time. None of us know when we might fall victim to a sudden disaster or illness. We all have an expiration date,…

  • Project Dechentreiter, Now Available

    Project Dechentreiter, Now Available

    It’s my first achievement as a writer, and wow, it feels really good.

  • Eternal Eden, Free Bonus Item

    Eternal Eden, Free Bonus Item

    The 2008 version of Eternal Eden is now discontinued. In the meantime you can get 90% off the original price until it disappears.

  • Support us with a Bitcoin donation

    Contribute using Bitcoin by sending funds to the provided address: bc1qngjmd92zjzwg6hymdu2cv8fg6w23e6ugtkgmjq Thank you!

  • Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 21 Final Preparations

    Now its time to patch up the loose ends and complete the side quests. You’ll also need to refer the maps of both worlds frequently. Let’s start by the following BOUNTY HUNTING (5th EXPEDITION) Time to complete the bounty hunting expedition. Go to Gideon’s shop and unlock the last cabin. Kill the following creatures Swordsman:…

  • Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 20 Gomorrah

    Go east first from the vortex. The some of the enemies here inflict paralysis and elemental damages. The next area has three dead fruits and two mega tonics. Enter the room with open door to get mega tonic and seraph robe from the chest. The following area has two dead fruits, mega tonic and ether.…

  • Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 18 Temple of Claimants

    The outer entrance of the temple has life tab || and mid-ether. Enter inside and pick up ether, two mid-tonics, mega tonic and diamond. Break the right pot to get 500gp. The enemies here cast ice damage, so use the ice guards. Save and move ahead. There you will find three mid-tonics and quartz. Let’s…

  • Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 17 Sidequests

    TORTOISE ISLAND (4th EXPEDITION) Since we have attained night vision ability we should complete our final turtle hunting business. Visit the tortoise island and hunt in the caves this time. There is a hidden passage in eena cave near the hooded man from where you can get more turtles (refer screenshot). You’ll find the remaining…

  • Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 16 Velvet Castle

    VELVET CASTLE Go back to velvet castle. Pick up the mega tonic and life potion at the entrance, ignore the paths to right and left for now and carry on to where you first met Josefine. Let’s call this as ‘piano room’ for future reference. Save at the save point, collect the rosary and go…

  • Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 15 Sidequests

    BOUNTY HUNTING (3RD EXPEDITION) Time to get some stuff from bounty hunting (I hope now are not wondering why did I tell you to enter the castle and leave instead of leaving earlier). Return to Gideon’s shop and unleash another creature using the icicle key. Dragon:Location: west region inside efreet temple.Reward: inferno spellBattle tactic: casts…

  • Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 14 Gaza Woods

    FINDING THE LAST ORB GAZA WOODS Here’s the map of Gaza woods, zoom to enlarge. Time to explore a new village again. For that we have to travel through Gaza woods located in the Iceland. See the map for its location (no.19). Collect two mid-tonics and two agates at the entrance and enter it. See…

  • Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 13 Efreet Temple

    Here is the Efreet temple map. Zoom to enlarge. Now go back to efreet temple. Make sure you have equipped your party with fire guards. Some of the foes also cast paralysis. Get the mercury staff from the chest at the entrance. The room to the right is the hall of treasures and we will…

  • Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 12 Sidequests

    BOUNTY HUNTING (2ND EXPEDITION): As you have gained the tropic, Efreet and the magma key, you can now go back to Gideon’s shop in the dark world and unlock new cabins. We can look for some of the creatures and get some useful stuff before we are off to our main quest. Gigas turtle:Location: Terragnima…

  • Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 11 Ifrit Temple

    Here’s the full map of Ifrit temple (zoom to get full view). Collect the tonic along your way in. The enemies’ here cast fire damage so equip your party accordingly. Pick up the tonic and carbon and move to your right. Pick up two carbons and three tonics and follow the northern path. This room…

  • Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 10 Star Tropics

    Time to move onto Star Tropics. You will find it in the world map as no. 13. On entering you will see a deserted area with a green star mark on the ground. Make your character stand on the latter and use the weather song spell from Joelle’s skill set. Watch the transformation. Swim across…

  • Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 09 Saving the orb of Life

    SAVING THE ORB OF LIFE: EDEN CAVE: Before we go on, let’s plunder some treasures from the Eden cave. You will find this cave as marked as no. 6 in the world map. Enter the cave and save. The next area has a tonic. The following region has mid-tonic, tonic and remedy. Move on to…

  • Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 08 Tortoise Island

    TORTOISE ISLAND (2nd EXPEDITION): As I mentioned that after gaining new abilities it is wise to come back here because you will earn items that would help in your main quest. This time we will head directly to Odele shore to try out the swimming ability. You will find the following as you explore the…

  • Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 07 Gaia Temple

    Walk on the world map towards Gaia temple. Joelle will unlock the door. Get inside. Here you will find leaves floating on water. You can jump on it to get on the other side but once you jump on them and move over, they perish. However the leaves with flowers will allow you to jump…

  • Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 06 Blue Lagoon

    Here you sail through the passages and you need to drop on the shores to collect items. Don’t ignore the isolated lilies or leaves since they too hide items. The first area has four herbs, tonic and a water lily. The enemies here cast water damage, so equip accessories that protect against such damages. Go…

  • Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 05 Turtle Hunting

    UNDOING THE FOLLY After the event climb to the top of Eden tower. Enjoy the story as it unfolds itself. Climb down again and walk up a bit and more and events conversation follows. Visit Dogan’s house now. A set of stairs mysteriously has appeared out of nowhere. Climb down and move on. Save at…

  • Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 04 Jericcho Tomb

    You will find your way back on the world map. Walk towards the structure that looks like an eagle statue. That is where we are heading for. Enter the place, save and move forward. Follow the dialogues. Exit and go to your left into Jericcho’s tomb. Jericcho Tomb You will reach the first floor of…

  • Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 03 Mt. Zachariah

    You will again find yourself in the world map. Follow the path and another bit of chatting will ensue. You will see a ‘darker’ version of Eden tower. Walk into the first house beside it and retrieve two tonics, ether, remedy and life potion. Walk further into the area and the characters will start commenting.…

  • Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 02 Onyx Cave

    Onyx Cave Welcome to the first true dungeon-the onyx cave. Collect remedy, iron nugget, poison ring and a life potion before you move on to the next area to your right. There look for these items- two iron nuggets and two tonics. You will see the characters talking again as you proceed. Here you will…

  • Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 01 Prologue and Eden Tower

    Prologue The game begins with a conversation between Noah, our main character, and an invisible voice. Follow through the conversation. Then move over to the next screen to your left. There is nothing in this area. Move on further. The voice gives you some game tips. Collect the items and move over to the next…

  • Eternal Eden Walkthrough: Part 00 Important Tips

    Introduction Thanks to Blossomsoft for a refreshing new game for old school rpg addicts like us. The game play of Eternal Eden is quite simple and is ideal for those who are new to RPG gaming. That’s why you can play the game without the walkthrough. But since the game has some secrets which can…