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A Special Message to Previous Backers

The following blog post carries the personal thoughts of Elder Prince, founder of Blossomsoft Games.

I recently got a private message from one of my long-time backers, and I want to emphasize: if you pre-ordered the Reboot Edition (once codenamed Ecclesia) and you’d like to get the Mandela Edition DLCs at no cost, just reach out using the contact form on the website. Your unwavering support during that crowdfunding campaign a decade ago remains deeply appreciated, even if it didn’t unfold as anticipated.

Of course, the Mandela Edition isn’t designed to take the place of the Reboot.

During the chaotic times of 2021 in Québec, I found myself grappling with the heaviest debt load of my life due to a total lack of income. I leaned on credit cards for months, and now I’m struggling to pay them off, which is ruining my game production schedule due to side gigs.

These Mandela DLCs serve a dual purpose – they provide value to lovers of the 2008 version while helping gather additional funds for the future of the Eternal Eden series, rather than seeking purposeless donations.

Drawing lessons from my past, I’m determined to carve a better future for Blossomsoft, focusing on perseverance, leaving regrets and pessimism behind.

My hope is that 2024 unfolds flawlessly. However, finances remain a critical factor for ambitious game projects. If you can still offer your steadfast support, it would be invaluable. But if you’d prefer the DLCs as a token of appreciation for your past backing, simply let me know—there’s no need for any discomfort.

All in all, my primary goal is to ensure I can dedicate all my time to my main projects throughout 2024 without crazy distractions.


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