Eternal Eden Series

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Enhanced Side-View Battle System

Once again, I’m inching closer to the finish line with the game, and I’m deep into the nitty-gritty, fine-tuning every little detail to ensure it’s as polished as possible. It’s a labor of love, but it still demands a significant amount of hours. It’s just frustrating that my other work gobbles up at least half of the time I could invest in game development.

Latest version of the Side-View Battle System

If you’ve been following this project, you might recall that the 2008 version used the very first Tankentai version of the side-view battle system. Post-release, a dedicated team of modders in RPG Maker communities breathed new life into this system with their innovative add-ons. I’ve decided to level up our game by incorporating one of their latest works compatible for RMVX, packed with awesome features like the ATB gauge and advanced techniques. It’s going to push the boundaries of gameplay a bit more.

AI generated background artwork?

Now, let’s talk about battle backgrounds. I’m toying with the idea of replacing that trippy, psychedelic backdrop we had before, but it’s not set in stone just yet. I’m actually intrigued by the possibility of using DALL-E or MidJourney to generate some unique and captivating backgrounds.

I’m aware that not everyone gives their nod of approval to AI technologies. There was discussion about it on my Discord’s general chat section. To be honest, I myself have genuine concerns about the future that lies ahead. Just as the internet’s proliferation couldn’t be halted, this is something we can’t escape. Ignoring it or trying to boycott it won’t change the reality. I’m exploring options to strike a middle balance. This version of Eternal Eden is the perfect project to test it out. After all, the 2008 Edition of Eternal Eden was mostly made with RPG Maker packages, like 95% of it. So, honestly, I don’t see a big deal in bringing in AI to patch up a few things in the upcoming edition, just to keep things consistent.

In conclusion

When I initially unveiled the Mandela Edition, it was intended as a quick project. My original plan was to rearrange the dungeon layouts, and nothing more. However, it evolved into something beyond that, and even though it doesn’t reach the same level as the Reboot Edition, I can confidently say that you will thoroughly enjoy playing this well-crafted new edition. I take great pride in the work that has gone into it.

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