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Project Dechentreiter, Now Available

Project Dechentreiter marks my debut as an English fiction author. The eBook is now available on Amazon.

I must admit writing this novella was—wow—a blast! I had so much pleasure jotting down every single line. It was therapeutic in a way, and somehow, I just needed to get something off my chest, a burden. For me, narrative is a little more significative than just borrowing from the consolidated science-fiction and horror genres; the ride is all about life-striving experiences, mixed with fictional events. Certain parts of the story say what is going on in my actual life, without the reader’s awareness. Before you get the wrong idea: evil Jonas from the first arc has nothing in common with me.

Although the audience is scarce in quantity, I am extremely happy with the quality of the reviews and feedback. It really matters to me that the story has hit the right chords in the readers’ mind.

English is not my main language, so the challenge was big. I’ve spent a lot of time revising each sentence to make sure the flow felt as much natural as possible, then Paolo Baroni came to the rescue with another very intense round of revisions; finally, a professional editor, Todd Barselow, was hired to double check and fix the many “bugs” that were still there. It was great working with him and I highly recommend his services to every self-published authors out there.


7 responses to “Project Dechentreiter, Now Available”

  1. Iven Silva Avatar
    Iven Silva

    Great job. I very like your projects. Keep it up.

  2. Patricia Avatar

    you have done a great job on your novella. keep up the good work.

  3. Elder Avatar

    Click here to see a compilation of all the current reviews.

  4. Elder Avatar

    wow, someone have finally read Project Dechentreiter? And it’s no April’s Fool joke? Best day of my life :D (joking)

    Thank you very much for giving the novella a chance, Patricia.

    Hey, I would greatly appreciate if you could drop a review on Amazon, it can really help get other people curious about my work.

    Thank you again!

  5. Patricia Avatar

    I just finished reading you novella and I enjoyed it enormously. I am also one of your EE:E backers and am waiting patiently for it’s release. Keep your chin up and everything will work out great!

  6. Elder Avatar

    My experience with Amazon KDP Select is very disappointing so far. Amazon didn’t honor their part of the agreement. Welcome to the world of algorithms and automation. I’ll write a post about it soon.

  7. Paolo Baroni Avatar
    Paolo Baroni

    Thanks for mentioning me! I enjoyed working on PD and reading it over and over. It’s a really good story, it deserves at least hundreds more readers.

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