Behind-the-Scenes #4 – Noah I


I think I finally have a decent grasp of character modeling after spending about two months of intensive study, watching hundreds of hours of video tutorials. Of course, I’m not a professional 3D artist yet, but I’m sure that half the battle is already won. It’s just a matter of putting dedication and practice to it, and frankly, this shouldn’t come as a problem because I’m in love with 3D! Immensely!

Here’s is an early, low poly model of Noah done in Blender 2.77b, designed for the reboot of EE.

It’s inspired by:


There are still things to do. It’s not uv-textured yet, the head isn’t connected to the rest of the body, the belts need more details, and the pieces of armor covering the shoulders are missing. The hair was the biggest challenge for me; it’s all made of quads forming one mesh. I still want to add a few more locks of hair to add volume. All in all, I’m happy the current evolution.

Again, there are two major reasons I’m learning 3D. First, I would like to integrate dynamic cutscenes in the game, rather than having only window-based in-game dialogues. Do not worry, the game will keep a painting feel in the final result. Second, I need rigged 3D models before I can tackle the sprite arts for battles, notably special attacks.

Bear with me and you’ll understand why this kind of labor can be so impactful for the game. I’ll keep working day and night until EE1 and EE2 become a reality.

Which character should I do next? I have Fierro in mind, who else second that? Maybe Downey? Dogan?

7 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scenes #4 – Noah I

  1. EE1 is the one you’re currently playing. It will be fully remade from scratch and will also include the ‘Ecclesia’ episode (aka EE:E) announced in 2012.

    EE2 will be a completely separate game with a new story, new characters.

  2. And what’s EE1 and EE2?
    There was going to be a single game which contained story of eternal eden, wasn’t there?

  3. And, by the way, do you have some walkthrough so I could completely explore all the areas I left when I played it for the first time?
    I tried googling but looks like all of them have been deleted.

  4. What’s EE1?
    Replaying eternal eden after 3 years and I find I still love it.
    Can’t wait for ee2.

  5. This ‘3D Character Turnaround’ video is in two parts. The first half shows the basic color textures, the second half show the default viewport render. For the time being I avoid to put too much details until I’m certain my current techniques are safe.

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