Diving into 2015

Now that we’re one month into 2015, do you want to hear a shocking confession?

Admittedly, it didn’t start well for me. As soon as the New Year rolled around I suddenly found myself slumped in deep discouragement (some of you might have read one of my downbeat posts on Facebook). I was so done with my dreams, and I decided to throw in the towel. My mind was set in stone; I began jotting down a resignation letter for my website, and to be honest it felt like a relief, the inescapable burden was finally gone. From that moment onward, I would simply have to find a regular job and live a normal life. Easy. So darn easy.

During the first weeks of January I was no longer a game developer; or a writer for that matter. I was just some Regular Joe doing Regular Joe things. And that, for a former Elder Prince, felt like losing your soul. Then, something inexplicable happened. I don’t want to get bogged down in details—although it may be a weird anecdote for another future post—just know that that incident brought me back on track on the pursuit my dreams.

The truth is, beyond life issues, game development is my only passion. How in the world could I abandon my dream? It’s impossible.

Most of you kept believing in me regardless of the red flags, so the best way for me to thank everyone is to keep going. Who knows? Maybe discouragement is just the final step before the grand achievement. I still embrace the idea that good things happen, I just need to keep believing.

Happy late New Year everyone and again, thank you for your moral support.


7 thoughts on “Diving into 2015

  1. Welcome back! I was very sorry to hear that you were no longer creating games, but equally elated that you’re back.

  2. I didn’t follow this thread since I posted it. I’m grateful for your kind words. I’m lucky to have fans like you!

  3. As a person who gets down on her self in her art often, I can understand the struggles of continuing on with a project when life keeps throwing obstacles in your way. Just know that you have an entire community who loves your work, supports you, and understands that sometimes life gets in the way. Keep on plugging.

  4. Never let discouragement let you down. Please, just keep the good work. I loved your prototype game, so please just keep on figthing, against everything that life throws at you, because its not important NOT to fall, but to GET UP after every fall.

    Cheers, and a happy late new year. Some of us are always here, backing you up.

  5. I’ve played more old-fashioned 2D RPGs than I can count, and despite being the impatient and forgetful person I still drop by your blog once in a while to check on your progress. Your prototype game was a masterpiece, and I have no doubts that its remake will be the same if not better. Don’t give up on your dreams. Don’t give up on your hope. And don’t give up on us who didn’t give up on you.

  6. I am quite picky, especially when it comes to RPGs. You did a commendable job and it really shows your dedication to keep going even in financial straits. I am more excited for EE:E than I am for any big studio game. I know from expierience that it can be hard to accept compliments because all creators think they can do better. I’m a writer and I beg people not to spare my feelings because that’s how you learn and get better. I will tell you right now that I can’t think of a thing that I would change. Take care Elder, we’re all rooting for you!


  7. It would be a crime for the creative mind that brought us EE1 and your new novella, to even concider quitting. You do have a following that will support you until you get your next creations finished. Just stay the course and I believe great things are in store for you!

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