Hello, hello! I’m still alive.

Just dropping by to make a few quick announcements.


One year ago I had registered a side company for software development with a partner of mine. The producer and I hired employees and delegated most tasks to them. We’ve just released two products, free to use for you:

  • Stagsi. It’s a file management and tagging software. This tool has become vital for my overall workflow. I wish I had this tool when I worked on my game projects from 2010 to 2015. This is version 1.0.0. We’re aiming to make version 2.0.0 revolutionary. Visit the website for detailed information. www.stagsi.com/
  • Siris. It’s an editor that can be used for both web and game development. I will share more about it when I resume my game development blog posts. Visit the website for detailed information. www.sir.is/ (website is still under construction)

Those two products are still low-profile. You’re the first ones to hear about them. We need beta-testers to improve them and then spread the word. Feel free join the forum dedicated to Stagsi and Siris. P.S. those aren’t forum threads dedicated to my game development.


Of course I’m planning to come back with Eternal Eden updates and more. There’s already a lot of new stuff I want to show. I’m mostly going to use my Gamezopher website as the center of my game development activities. I’m still preparing a new template for updates. I’ve also trained with video editing for most of 2019 and I think it will be nice if my upcoming updates are mostly video driven.

Here are some links to remember:

Okay nice fellas, see you soon!