Blossomsoft has been on indefinite hiatus since 2017. I did attempt to make a comeback afterward but I couldn’t make it happen due to other professional commitments. As a matter of fact, my partner from Europe and I registered a corporation and we’re making ourselves ready to release two promising software applications. Well, more about this in due time.

Will Eternal Eden be finished? To be honest, it’s a mystery even to me now. I have hopes that maybe 2020 will mark the revival of Eternal Eden. On the bright side, 2019 was a terrific, wonderful year for me! So if no unexpected misfortunes occur in the course of the next twelve months, then I should succeed to make significant work on Eternal Eden again. God will decide the fate of the game.

It stirs my emotions that fans haven’t forgotten about the game a decade after its release. I still receive a lot of positive feedback, especially when people email me to request the game installer they’ve lost. It your kind spirits that make me happy I had created this game in 2008.

In the meantime, I wish you a great year full of happiness!

14 thoughts on “2020

  1. If someone asked me which is my favourite game, I would always say Eternal Eden. Maybe it doesn’t have the latest features, a physics engine, sandbox world or whatever, but it has something that no other game ever will – my childhood.

    Thank you for making it. Thank you for lighting up my memories, whenever I think about it. Hope you’re staying safe, take care! :)

  2. What if you were to just clean up the original game a bit, get it on Steam, hell it’d be nice if Degica helped make it digitally accessible on mobile so more people can have a chance. It’s a pretty dang good game compared to other RM titles, and may help build hype and support for the remake.

    At the very least, it’d keep such a good game from fading into obscurity.

  3. I tried to play Eternal Eden, but I’ve upgraded to Windows 10 since I last played it. Is there a more recent version available?

  4. The thing is that I gave you money to help develop the new game in return for a free game at release. Still waiting. You may return my money to me.

  5. I just ran across the licence information for Eternal Eden when going through my old e-mails. I purchased in 2012. You know that gut punch that one occasionally gets when they realize how much time has passed since a good memory and how much has changed in the interim? That was me today. Thanks for the great game and a good memory!

  6. I replayed this game last month and I still enjoyed it immensely.

    I hope you work on a sequel or remake or whatever you decide to do. It will take a few years but oh well, it will be even better than the original. I actually don’t know how much work you have done, but I hope you decide to carry on!
    Best of luck in your professional life!

    If you decide to move on with the development, now that I replayed it after 10 years, I DO have some honest feedback :)

  7. I started to play Eternal Eden again today and missed this game so much. Just want to send greetings to you and others to take care of stay safe.

  8. Just wanted to chime in and say I started playing Eternal Eden way back in the day and never got a chance to finish it. Then I couldn’t find a download for it again. Thankfully I found The Daily Moogle’s YouTube playthrough and got to see the game all the way through.

    Excellent story, excellent puzzles (reminded me a lot of Lufia 2 in that regard).

    You did a great job here and you should be very proud of that work. If you do get to move forward on a remake or a sequel – I wish you the best of luck in your efforts.

    Thanks for the great time both when I played and when I watched it on YT.

  9. You’re finished. God doesn’t decide if you make games, you do. As I told you a couple years ago all you have are excuses.

    And now with your statement that without divine intervention from God himself, that you can ‘t make EE. This is the official end.

    Loved your first game. You had talent. But now that’s all over and I wish you had been a better human being and had not taken money from people and then do nothing to make your game with it – just pend it on yourself. Shame on you.

    You don’t deserve to have luck or God on your side. You are a deceiver of men.

  10. I haven’t forgotten about you and your mother, Viden! Nice to hear from your again. Good luck to your writing!

  11. Hello old friend, how are you doing? I hope you are in good health and in good spirits. Do you remember me? I haven’t checked your progress in a long while due to life circumstances. I still greatly enjoy going back and playing eternal eden now and then. I have finally gotten a computer that I built which can handle any game in 1440p and I have over 700 games on steam to get through. Resident Evil 2 remake looks fantastic with the proper hardware. Well, take care of yourself and don’t be a stranger. Happy new year!

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