Self interview under writing.

I’m about to publish a self-interview about EE. It should be online early during March, hoping it will shed light on some mysteries. It’s time to pester me with questions.

5 thoughts on “Self interview under writing.

  1. Hopefully this means that plans for EE are still going to happen. I loved what you did for the RPG Maker game, in spite of some very obvious RPG Maker limitations, and the plot and game play experience were fairly fresh compared to most RM games I’ve played.

    Definitely would like to see what you can with a more promising game engine.

  2. Why would it take you a couple weeks to answer some questions you’re asking yourself?

    I don’t understand why something like that would take so long?

  3. • Self interviewing myself isn’t like: What is your favorite color? Blue. What is your favorite food. Captain Crunch. What is your favorite season. Fall. Et cetera. I need some time to edit.

    • Unlike prior to 2017, I have other responsibilities that aren’t directly related to my personal projects. It complicates my schedule.

    • Worst of all, I have unresolved home issues. It nearly ruined me financially, morally and health-wise. It’s not the kind of hellish situation you can fix with a snap of fingers. You have to experience it to understand. I had to move in a temporary place that isn’t to the advantage of productivity. I’m just starting to recover.

    Sorry again for the inconvenience. There’s even less guarantee than before that EE will see day of light, the project seems doomed, but I’d like to think there’s hope and that bad events will stop to happen to me so that I can finish it.

  4. I know you have had bad things happen. But it seems like you never take any personal responsibility for having nothing to show in almost 10-years.

    This is literally still vaporware. At some point, you have to stop blaming everything and everyone else and be honest with yourself about why.

  5. It doesn’t take more than 2-weeks to answer questions you ask yourself. You can do that in an hour or 2, if you’re focused. It says a lot about how long it takes you to do something so simple. Just sit down and do it. No excuses.

    What hope is there of making an entire game by yourself if you turn something that should be no more than a couple hours work into weeks and possibly a month or longer?

    I mean seriously, if you can’t even do something like this in a reasonable amount of time, just toss in the towel already.

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