Fate of Blossomsoft

I’ll be short because I could write an entire book on the series of misfortune that happened to me throughout 2017. You’d think that a brand new condominium with spacious rooms would be the onset of a perfect life for game development (which was the main goal), but no, I almost died of Formaldehyde poisoning over a period of four months. Damn. I don’t wish this kind of incident even to whoever consider themselves my worst enemy. For one thing, toxic air emissions is very difficult to prove, even with scientific analysis and evaluation. It’s like claiming your home is possessed by poltergeists. That’s how friends and relatives had been reacting to my worries for months. It was so exhausting and I became sicker and sicker as time went on. At least, the air-quality report was written in my favor and the air in my residence was indeed hazardous.

I won’t write a full account of my tale of woe because you can read strikingly similar stories on the Internet to understand what kind of hell tons of other people like me went through. Google for “FEMA’s toxic Katrina trailers”. More recently, there’s a big lawsuit against the Weyerhaeuser company due to an excessive levels of toxic formaldehyde leaking from floor joists in over 2500 homes in various states of the United States, notably Denver in Colorado and New Jersey. I bet my building used the same construction materials from this distributor. I’d put my shirt on it. It matches the dates.

So, I’m starting 2018 back to square one, at least on the social level of things. I’m back living in a closet-sized room. What irony. It’s a bitter pill to swallow. This time my chipmunk isn’t there to cheer me up because he was also a victim of foul air, in a completely different residence. Would you believe that I lived in three residences on the trot with contamination? I could say 2017 have been more of a bane than a fortunate year. To be completely honest, I don’t know if EE will ever see the day of light if events keep dragging me in this direction.

Such a difficult year. I’m trying very hard not to fail with that Book-of-Job life test—admittedly, I’ve shown a lot of anger toward life some weeks ago, which isn’t my usual attitude but damn it…. 2017 can kiss my ***!

Still, it doesn’t give me the right to throw in the towel. It’s scary to think about the future under such circumstances, but I won’t give in to fear. I’m currently living in a safe place and I honestly treasure the air I’m breathing more than anything else, which is the only thing that matter until I bounce back on my feet.

Well. Happy New Year, everyone! Oh, on a very positive note, Darkblood Chronicles have been re-released on Steam by Dorian! Visit the game’s page [here]!

2 thoughts on “Fate of Blossomsoft

  1. 2017 was awful for you, but I hope you can process all the hardships and channel them into your project. The road to Eden sure looks Eternal. On the bright side, good Job, Dorian!

  2. Last year was definitely a roller coaster for you, Elder. Here’s hoping the worst is completely behind you now and you can focus on getting yourself healthier and happier and maybe find a measure of stability in your life.
    I still have faith in you! :) Even if it takes another 10 years, even if life circumstances mean it never fully happens, I’ll continue to look forward to the next EE game (and I’ll keep replaying the original, because it is easily one of my top favorite games)!

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