With a Little Help From My Friends

Something extraordinary is happening!

An overseas online friend—who wishes to remain anonymous from readers—is helping me with a charitable long-term loan, making a huge positive impact on my life. “We’ll figure out a way to pump you up before August” he said, and I quickly realized he wasn’t kidding whatsoever. His financial support instantly wiped all debts from my credit cards. As a matter of fact, months ago my debts got out of hand and it felt like an undispellable curse. I didn’t know how in the world I could manage to go on with my game development without this final push I needed.

I’m profoundly touched that after all these years of delays and failures someone is ready to take a huge unconditional risk with me, still remembering the bright side of my journey, not only the disasters. “Some time ago” he said, “your blog had been a source of inspiration for me and, among other events, your words had impacted my life positively. I want to help you make Eternal Eden a reality.”

Thank you, my friend! Expect me to make a strong and durable comeback. With a little help from my friend(s), (to quote the Beatles)!

You are a blessing.

5 thoughts on “With a Little Help From My Friends

  1. Hello Elder,
    I’m sorry I cannot help you financially. I have been in a similar situation as you, which made me drop everything. Now I work as a freelance developer. I don’t know if I can be of any help, but if you need a hand on the development process of the game, let me know. Also I have some ideas I’d love to share, which might make the game more popular.

  2. Hello Elder,
    Nice to see you back on your foot again , you’ve made me more curious about the new idea about combing both of ’em, well that’s all right and you should spend a bit more time organising your website, adding more sections and certainly incteasing your social activities.

  3. Feel free to drop any hints on when I should look out for the Aveyond game you have been working on. I have put aside some money for it next to my Eternal Eden money of course. :)

  4. What a touching story! Have you considered doing an indigogo or kickstarter campaign for your games?

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