Behind-the-Scenes #5 – Boss (WIP)


Okay. This will be a quick blog post since I’m gearing up for some important updates. The new website will be online as soon as I’m ready to deliver more polished arts. Obviously, the game won’t be released this summer. I’ll explain why in another blog post. I would like to insist on the fact that transitioning to a 3D animation software for creating 2D arts is crucial to the achievement of this current milestone, and is requiring considerable effort and time. All I can do for now is be patient and keep earning more experience.

Below please check out two mockups.



It’s a work-in-progress artwork of the first boss; a giant stone crab. I’m still experimenting with it. Bear in mind that battles occur in a top-view angle like in Chrono Trigger or Zelda A Link to the Past. I’ve added placeholder sprite arts for the main characters until the official ones are ready. Definitely, creating arts for the playable characters is the biggest challenge of this milestone, so I’ll probably tackle them at the very end. At least I know what is shown here are the correct body proportions I want to use for them. Thanks to 3D, I won’t have to draw frames for all 8 directions by hand.

You should also notice that the game now use a 16:9 screen ratio rather than 4:3. Zooming-out (as shown on the second screenshot) will be possible to allow a larger view of the map.

That’s all for today. I really have to go back to work!

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